Holiday Camp

November 25th, 2019 - January 10th, 2020

Invest in your child’s potential and build skills and character with a FOCUS ON FAMILY!! This holiday season, we are bringing back our most popular camps, adding some new ones, and LEVELING UP the entire experience with a FOCUS ON FAMILY. Whether it’s learning a second language, coding, art, cooking, or exploring, you can be assured of a truly FUN, UNIQUE and VALUES-BASED EXPERIENCE!

Location: 1 Mont Kiara Mall, Level 3 - Mind Space Sdn Bhd

Camp 1:

Episode I

Arts & Fashion


Bring out your child's inner creativity and confidence in this one-of-a-kind camp! Here they will have the opportunity to build a brand for the family, express their artistic side, build their own fashion show, complete with lights and music! Let them flex their creativity and style to bring their personal and family identity to life. This will truly be a camp like no other!

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Camp 2:

Episode 2

Website Builders


Website Builders Camp 2019 will feature an assortment of fun and engaging activities to embrace that inner geek! We’ll be building awesome creations with Minecraft Education Edition, competing in teams against one another on Facebook CTF, and pursuing gamification activities through , Code Combat, and Codeacademy. It will be a LAN party full of fun workshops and your kid(s) may even be learning without even realizing it. Come sign your kid(s) up

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Camp 3:

Episode 3

Adventure Kids


Adventure Kids ensures a holiday season well spent, experiencing some of the best kids' attractions in Kuala Lumpur. From exhilarating game arenas, to mind boggling escape rooms, tree planting, and wildlife sanctuaries. Each location on our list was specifically chosen to ensure we left no stone unturned in the departments of recreation, enjoyment and learning.

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Camp 4:

Episode 4

English SuperCamp


We offer a truly unique program that uses fun physical and mental activities to teach English, encourage family bonding build character, and reinforce confidence in English reading, speaking, and writing. Learn to express gratitude and affection at home. Describe heart-warming family stories, characters, and bonding opportunities. Enjoy a fun and interactive program that teaches English as a second language and builds strong values and appreciation for family.

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Camp 5:

Episode 5

Kitchen Camp


Is your child the next master chef? Throughout the week, kids will be introduced to recipes that they can whip up at a family meal for breakfast, lunch/dinner, desserts and an array of snacks. Build their curiosity and confidence in the kitchen. Get them excited about preparing for family events! And don’t worry about them remembering all the tricks and recipes, at the end of the week they will have a personal scrapbook of all the meals we prepared.. (with some empty space to add the family classics too)!

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Camp 6:

Episode 6

Mini Maestro


For the first time ever, preschoolers have the chance to unleash their talent to perform in an orchestra! The Kinder Orchestra offers a 5-day Preschool Orchestra Music Camp for young children aged 5 to 7 to have a hands-on experience of playing violin and cello. No previous knowledge of instrumental playing or musical knowledge are required.

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We are an Inclusive Learning Center and all are welcome to join. Children will be assessed to find the camp best suited to their abilities.
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