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video creator camp

  • Price
    Price : 788 MYR
  • Speakers/Trainers
  • Duration
    Jan 7, 2019 - Jan 12, 2019
  • Timing
    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Event Description

Early Bird Price:
 RM 788
Register before 15th December 2018

Normal Price: RM 888

Video Creator  Camp Details:

Date: 7th - 12th Jan 2019
Day: Monday - Saturday

Price: RM 888 (Snacks & Lunch included)


  • Bring your own laptop
  • Bring your own video camera/smartphone camera

Age Group: 14 years old & Above


Objective :
Students will be taught on how to create a creative story project and apply it to the real world. Groups will be formed to ensure students work together to come up with a project based on a selection of “client briefs”.

Core Syllabus over 5 days:
● Introduction to digital video 
● Legalities of online media 
● What makes a story 
● Scripting and Storyboarding 
● Camera and Audio Basics 
● Video Editing 
● Social Media Publishing

Equipment :
● Students to provide their own laptops for the workshop. 
● Bring their phone cameras. 
● On site equipment such as cameras, mics, light will be available. 
● Royalty Free Music will be provided.

Proposed Schedule:

Day 1 : 
 ● Introduction to the workshop. ● Legalities of Filmmaking. ● Groups are formed. ● How to tell a story.

Day 2: 
 ● Client Briefs are given. ● Video crew roles. ● Script writing. ● Storyboarding. ● Editing Introduction (Think for the editing room)

Day 3:
  ● Camera Operation Introduction. ● Microphone Introduction. ● Lighting Introduction.

Day 4:
 ● Students start filming their projects. ● Students to bring their own props.

Day 5:
 ● Editing day with mentors. ● Re shoots if needed. ● How to make money with digital video.

Day 6:
 ● Presentation from an industry expert in the video industry. ● Showcasing of storyboard, script and final video project for parents and friends.

Follow up:
Students who want to learn more can also sign up for our one year digital production programme that is for after school students and adults, with guidance on how to build their businesses on social media.