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Program Description


We tentatively start on 15th February or 7th March 2020, Saturday 4.30pm to 5.30pm if we reach the minimum 7 players.


Beginner String Orchestra

to learn the Violin & Cello and to perform in Orchestra Showcase Concert in 12 lessons. GUARANTEED result!


No Instrument, No Problem!

  • Objective

The objective of this program is to unleash players’ interest and talent of violin and cello playing. An ideal program for players to get a “taste” of  playing the violin and cello in a short term and minimal financial commitment.

  • Course description

This special 12-lesson program is designed by the Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy (EPOA) to showcase violin and cello beginners and to prepare them to perform a public concert in just 12 lessons. Each lesson will be in a group setting.

  • Ideal for

Any children age 5 and above who have not played the violin and cello. No previous knowledge of string instrument playing nor musical knowledge are required to participate in this programme.

  • Learning Outcomes

By the end of 12 lessons, students will:

  • have become proficient at playing the violin and cello with the most important and basic fundamental playing techniques and ensemble paying skills;
  • will be able to read and understand some basic music notation and rhythm;
  • will be able to perform a few pieces in a string orchestra setting.



  • commit to participate in the 12 weekly lessons at Mindspace, 1 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur;
  • To own an instrument. If without an instrument, players can rent the instrument. Please see below “Instrument Subscription Plan”;
  • Available to perform for the Orchestra Showcase Concert which will be held in Mindspace, Mont Kiara


Duration of each class

1 hour per week.


Class commence date.

On 15th February or 7th March 2020


 Concert info, date, and Venue

An informal internal concert will be organized for parents and their friends to showcase the players’ debut. Concert will be held at Mindspace in 1 Mont Kiara. (Most probably a Sunday).


Fee  : 

For Mindspace Students: RM480 for all 12 lessons + one-time RM40 registration fee which will come with a welcome gift.

For non-Mindspace Students: RM600 for all 12 lessons + one-time RM40 registration fee which will come with a welcome gift.


Instrument Subscription Plan (optional) 

If without an instrument, students can rent the instrument until the concert day. All instruments will be delivered to your first lesson.

 Cost for rental as below:


Violin: RM150 for the whole program for violin + a security deposit of RM250/violin.

Cello: RM40/week for a cello + a security deposit of RM800/cello.

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