About Us

    WHY xSpace

    We are committed to shaping your child's future by linking the gap between after school and before home in a safe space where they are prepared to thrive in the intellectual and social spheres.  

    We achieve this is by taking your child's large block of free time then turning it into an opportunity for valuable learning.  We make your child's after school hours matter, empowering them to reach their full potential through guided knowledge, skills and values.

    We believe that the preoccupation of kids during their time beyond school hours will have a strong influence on whether they succeed in school academically or develop holistically.  


    •  Flexibility

      To meet your busy family schedule, to ultimately give you a peace of mind.

    •  Inspiring

      Kids discover what they love to do, gain skills from it and become excited about life-long learning.

    •  Variety

      Classes for children with activities centered on learning and mastering skills.