Holiday Camps by MindSpace

Date : July 2nd to August 10th

Time : 9:00am to 3:00pm

This year finds us introducing the 4th year of our holiday camps.  Year on year we have continued to strive to add more to our programs.  More activities, more interaction, more variety, and of course, more FUN!!

This year we will continue this trend by introducing new topics combined with new adventures to take the holiday experience to a whole new level.

This year we’re adding a lot of REAL life activities.  Activities that are related to every day life.  The environment, recycling, games, science, building, fixing, creating & more.  Life is a journey that should be embraced through learning young.  Start the experience this summer.

Come xCamping with us. 

xCamp by xSpace

6 Episodes – Choose Your Worlds



Episode 1 – MineCraft

Join Jesse and friends on a Brand New Adventure in the World of MineCraft! Jesse embarks on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, good times and at least one Temperamental llama, come trigger your Critical thinking skills and Boost up your survival skills too.

Episode 2 – Earth Guardians

Get your hip waders ready! Be an environmental Hero for Planet Earth.  Let's team up with Captain Nature and be creative and innovative in finding ways to safe guard our Planet from Environmental Baddies! Together let us put on our Thinking Hat and save our Planet from further Destruction.

Episode 3 – Super Brains

First time ever! Come learn to be a young Engineer, the Super Brain Workshop aims to expose children to the exciting and challenging field of engineering including electronics, woodwork and mechanics, Children are challenged with hands on, minds on projects that teach real life skills in an academic context.

Episode 4 – Illuminate Your Dreams

Mind Space is going to take you into an illuminated world.  Learn about florescent colours, glow in the dark and writing secret messages in invisible ink.  Come and experience the wonders of an Illuminated World, Ignite your Dreams and join in the Best Illuminating Party of the Year!

Episode 5 – The Robotic Project

Join Rodney the Robot inventor to save the old Robots before they are sent to the Chop Shop.  Team up with him to search for discarded items that can be put to use to create good parts for the Robots and to give them a new life before it is too late! We need You to Help them as soon as possible Kids!

Episode 6 – The Amazon

Venture with us this summer to The Urban Amazon  Discover the Rain Forest, soak in its beauty and Ambience.   Explore the Beauty of Life itself, an ecosystem of unrivaled size and diversity.  Explore and learn something new everyday right in the middle of the city, in the heart of Mont Kiara!


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For further information, please call:  010-2221878 or email:  xcamp@xspace.my

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