Kid's Yoga (Age below 12)

  • An easy-to-follow yoga class. 
  • Serious fun while simultaneously, communicating between the body and mind 
  • Children will be guided through tailored yoga poses to safely develop balance, strength and flexibility

Gentle Yoga (Senior Citizens)

  • The class offers gentle, guided movement which focuses on breath while subtly using your body & physical mechanisms of the asanas (posture) practice.  

Hatha Yoga (Students)

  • Hatha yoga is a classical form of yoga postures & breathing that revitalizes the body physically and mentally
  • This class is a lighter practice suitable for beginners who are interested in the practice of yoga

Ashtanga Vinyaga Yoga

  • 'Ashtanga Vinyasa' is a dynamic method of yoga that is characterized by its dynamic flowing sequence
  • Result in a cleaning and purifying effect on the body and mind. These techniques producean intense heat internally thus purifying, detoxifing the body and mind
  • This class is more suitable for those who wish to grow their skills. 

Class Information