Capoeira / Taekwondo


Adults (Group Class) 

An Afro-Brazilian Art comprises Dance, Martial Art, Culture & Music 

  • Develop students through play, music, rhythm, movement, expressions and non-verbal communication 
  • Physical development - Motor skills, Body Awareness Dynamic Movements, Agility, Strength, Coordination Balance 
  • Initiates personal expression, builds confidence & social skills 


About Our Teacher

MESTRE BRAULIO Holding a Degree in Physical Education and practising Capoeira for 29 years, Mestre Braulio is the highest ranking Capoeira teacher in South East Asia with the title Mestre (Master). A brilliant percussionist, he has been travelling around the world to share his knowledge and passion in Capoeira. EVERYONE CAN DO CAPOEIRA !



Adults (Group Class) 

►The emphasis on speed & agility is the defining characteristic of taekwondo

► It combines Karate & Chinese Martial arts focuses on the elements of :

• Forms

• Relaxation and meditation exercise


•Breathing control

• Breaking

•Mental and ethical

•Self-defence techniques discipline, etiquette

•Throwing and/or falling justice, respect, and techniques self-confidence 


About Our Teacher

GRAND MASTER MICHAEL LIEW An International referee for Kyorugi (Taekwando Motion) & Poomsae (Defence-and-attack Motion). Having taught and trained students for the past 43 years, he is also an ex-national player and ex-national coach.

MASTER JACKY LIM  A National referee for Kyorugi(Taekwando Motion) & Poomsae (Defence-and-attack Motion). Club head coach and ex-Kuala Lumpur State Player. He has taught and trained students for the past 32 years.

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