Photography Workshop

The classes will be aimed at beginners and (even if they don't have a DSLR camera) they can shoot on compact cameras or even on their smart phones etc.

The course will focus on basic composition and simple tips to improve their photography. The course will be a mixture of theory and practice.

·      Week 1 Theory – Composition
·      Week 2 Field trip - Shooting on location
·      Week 3 Theory - Understand light
·      Week 4 Field trip - Shooting on location
·      Week 5 Presentation and evaluation.

The course will be fun and educational and should improve the students’ ability to capture more interesting images.

After each presentation tutor will give feedback on students work, this positive and encouraging as well as giving subtle advice on areas for improvement. After all presentations are complete tutor will give overall feedback to group, again this should be positive and encouraging. The tutor will then reflect on what has been learned and achieved before outlining the syllabus for Foundation Level 2. Foundation 2 requires students to purchase a DSLR camera and have access to Photoshop. The School will require some basic studio lighting equipment.

(Foundation 2)
Module 1
Intro DSLR Photography
Module 2 Introduction to the history of photography
Module 3
Intro to Studio Portraiture
Module 4 Intro to Studio Still Life
Module 5 Intro to Photo editing and post-production

(Foundation 3)
Module 1 Creative techniques
Module 2 Creative post-production techniques
Module 3 Photo reportage
Module 4 Research Project
Module 5 Creating your own personal project
Level 2: Intermediate Photography / Level 3: Advanced


About our Instructor

Gerry graduated with a Diploma from Glasgow College of Building and Printing in 1993 then worked for several years in a large commercial studio in Scotland. Since then he has gone on to complete a BA Hon's degree in Photography Film and Television and lectured in photography in the UK. I moved to East Malaysia in 2011 where he worked as a freelance photographer/filmmaker, documenting various projects for the British Council. During this time Gerry also completed his Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary photography. He moved to KL last year.