The Philosophy of Our Kitchen

Food is an international language through which we can all relate to each other. Put a plate of food among a group of people and they need nothing more to come together and share the enjoyment of taste. Food is the centre point of culture: it evokes history. family and emotions. It builds bridges, connects people, and creates bonds. Food for us, is a passion. Communicable through all our senses, and we want to share it with you.

Our Chef Chase

My personal philosophy of cooking is to take the hest of all that I have learned over 33 years of cooking, discover what can work together and create something that has never been done before.

We all have our own preferences and likes, but occasionally we haven't had the chance to explore the limits of our taste buds. mostly due to cultural restrictions.

I want to show our community what real Western food is and how it can he made using local foods and local techniques. We call it Fusion cooking but it is more than fusing food, it is also about fusing different cultures.

To me food is beyond politics and religion it is a universal language that can bring anyone together to enjoy each other and make us connect to others in a way that nothing else can.

Welcome to our kitchen!!!


Core Skill Classes


We will focus on removing the idea that baking is only for professionals by recreating complex and simple baked goods that are both sweet and savoury in flavour.


Showing all that pre-main course ideas are easy, fun and also make your meals more fulfilling. An appetizer can turn a simple dinner into a fine dining experience.


The variety of main course dinner ideas is infinite. We will learn how, using the same products or a small variation on cooking methods, can make a vast difference in the end product.


We will focus on the sweet end to all dinners and with experimentation we will show how easy it is to produce unique and tasty new ideas to complement any meal.


Core Classes Per Session
Baking RM 250
Appertizers RM 150
Main Course RM 250
Desserts RM 200


*Fees : Register for 5 core classes and receive a 15% discount

CSNE Class : Please contact CSNE for more detail:

Comprehensive Classes


Come for an evening of sensual flavors, smells and other stimuli that will bring both of you closer than you have ever been before. Our couples recipes require conversation, laughter, dancing, music, and host of other ingredients to make a mealtruly memorable.


Who are you Cooking 4? A special someone, yourself or a group? Our various class options will show you how to cook a gourmet meal at an efficient price that will still WOW!!!


Beginning with menu planning, we will take you through the steps to pull off a successful dinner party where your guests will think you've had the meal catered!!!


This class is designed to provide work skills training for people with special needs. These classes are aimed at those looking to develop skills in working in a commercial kitchen. Students will be involved in the preparation and cooking of lunches. Lunch is provided for all students.


In conjunction with CSNthis class will provide home focussed, life skills training for people with special needs. A beginner and intermediate class is available. Please contact CSNE for more detail:


Comprehensive Classes Per Session

Couples Cooking

(Includes Dinner for 2)

RM 400

Cooking 4 

(Includes Meals)

Loved One's RM 350 RM 400
Families RM 400 RM 450
Singles RM 75 RM 100
Me RM 75 RM 100
Party Time RM 300 RM 400
Vocational Class RM 100


Discounts available for group bookings, contact us...



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